Christmas Price List

21.11.2017 - Parson's Nose

Stock up on all your Christmas essentials, from the perfect bird to delicious bacon wrapped pigs in blankets.  Here are our prices for 2017.

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Pan Seared Beef Ribeye Steaks, Glazed Roots & Thyme Gravy

01.11.2017 - Parson's Nose

A dry aged ribeye steak, cooked to succulent perfection over a high heat is a thing of perfection. This simple recipe with glazed root vegetable is a real crowd pleaser.

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Braised Haunch of Venison with Juniper & Shallots

01.09.2017 - Parson's Nose

Venison haunch can in theory be roasted, or cut into steaks and pan fried. My preference is to more slowly cook the meat, creating a deliciously intense rich gravy and tender meat.

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Bank Holiday

07.08.2017 - Parson's Nose

Our shops are closed for the Bank Holiday on Monday 28th August. Have a great holiday weekend from all of the team here at Parson’s Nose.

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Roast Grouse, Truffled Bread Sauce, Game Chips and Port Sauce

01.08.2017 - Parson's Nose

Roasted whole grouse with truffled bread sauce, game chips and port sauce.

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June: What’s in Season?

01.06.2017 - Parson's Nose

Our charcoal deliveries have increased which is a sure sign that barbecue season is in full swing.  June has arrived…

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Roast Garlic & Herb Scented Rack of Spring Lamb

01.05.2017 - Parson's Nose

This combination of lamb and salad leaves works very well on a warm spring or summer day.

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