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From summer BBQ meat to winter warmers, it’s no wonder the British spend around half a billion pounds on sausages in a year, proving that this classic staple is going nowhere.

This food staple is an all-rounder, from a full-English breakfast to simple sausage sandwich for lunch and bangers and mash or toad in the hole for dinner, there is a huge variety of ways to bring sausages into your home cooking. In fact, more sausages are being eaten as part of an evening meal than at breakfast or lunch, And as the colder seasons approach, we will be seeing more winter warmers being whipped up in the kitchen for the nations dinners.

Unfortunately, UK British sausage week 2020 has been cancelled, however, that won’t stop us celebrating the “great British banger”. Here at Parsons Nose we have a passion for food, we make our award winning “good ol’ fashioned sausages” by hand, providing a high-quality product every time.

There are over 400 types of sausages in the UK, so we’ve put together a list of sausages we know always go down a treat, and yes, all can be bought from our online shop and our butchers.

1. Traditional Pork

You can never go wrong with a classic, from bangers and mash to toad in the hole, a traditional pork sausage has been a British food staple for years, providing tasty and filling dinners for generations.

We use the finest free-range pork containing natural ingredients, made by hand in our butchers.

2. Cumberland

A classic favourite for over 400 years, the Cumberland sausage contains chopped pork and an array of herbs and spices, which provide that subtle spicy taste we all recognise.

Perfectly paired with mash potato or in a casserole, it’s no wonder that the Cumberland is frequently recognised as the nation’s favourite.

3. Chipolatas

This simple sausage is ideal for kid’s meals and breakfast dishes. Sausage, mash and beans anyone?

That being said, it’s safe to say that chipolatas have established themselves as the perfect pigs in blankets combo. The short and thin sausage seasoned with salt and pepper is perfect when wrapped in bacon as an accompaniment for your Christmas dinner.

We use the best free-range pork for our chipolatas, all freshly made by hand by our butchers.

4. Venison

A bit adventurous for some but proves that not all sausages need to be pork.

Venison is a delicate meat reared from deer and seasoned with salt and pepper. Its distinct taste is perfect alongside some creamy mash potato and a rich gravy, bringing a bit more sophistication to your dinner.

High in protein, venison is now often recognised as one of the healthiest types of meat on the market. If you’re going to try something less traditional, what more encouragement do you need?

5. Chorizo

Steering away from those traditionally British flavours, this spicy Spanish sausage has become increasingly popular in households across the UK in the last 15 years.

Its diverse nature has allowed it to be put into a range of dishes, from stews, pasta and rice dishes, even being placed alongside the ever so popular cheese board.

You can find our very own selection of gourmet sausages available in London and throughout the UK here, as well as sausages available in our BBQ box.  Parson's Nose is a leading London online butchers. Contact us today.