Welcome to Parson’s Nose. We are London’s butcher, proudly committed to sourcing and serving the highest quality meat with provenance, knowledge and friendly service.

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Our Meat

Here at Parson’s Nose, we take pride in the farmers that we have chosen to supply our meat.

We spend time looking at each farmer individually to make sure they have slow growing breeds, are grass fed to give distinctive flavour and are reared naturally with top quality husbandry methods ensuring the very best animal welfare.

Upholding these standards guarantees the meat you take home will have a succulent depth of flavour, safe in the knowledge that the animal has lived a healthy, happy life.

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Butchery Classes

Butchery skills are fast becoming a lost art. Here at Parson’s Nose we aim to preserve and share this fascinating and practical skill with you.

Our butchery classes are for those who wish to find out more about meat, it’s provenance and to learn some practical butchery skills to apply at home.

The classes take place in all of our shops and are private lessons under the guidance of our master butchers.

Here comes the good news… All the delicious meat you will be preparing during the class will be yours to take home with you!

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