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Dan Whittaker

The Smoking Elk needs very little introduction in the world of cooking on fire. 

He is one of the UK’s leading experts and in this Masterclass series, “Elkie” is going to take you around the world with some of his favorite global dishes…..all cooked on fire. Enjoy.

Video Description

In this Around The World Fire Cooking Masterclass, BBQ expert and fire cooking fanatic The Smokin’ Elk will guide you through 6 dishes from around the world that you can easily cook on your BBQ.

In this episode The Smokin’ Elk makes Beef Skewers from Cameroon, also called Suya.

These delicious skewers are made with sirloin and pack a bold flavour with a homemade rub.

Cooked over a fire these skewers are the perfect way to spice up your usual BBQ and impress your friends.

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