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Parson's Nose is always at the forefront of innovation, knowledge and education and THAT's exactly what Parson's Nose TV is all about.  

It's a unique lifestyle partnership with one of the world's leading food TV Channels; Planet Eat TV.  

Packed with TV cooking shows from some of the biggest global names in food.  The aim is to inspire and motivate you to experiment and develop new and exciting recipes by bringing exclusive TV shows on different cuisines, chefs, countries, butchery masterclasses and so much more.  What more do you need ?

Click on any of the videos and get information on the chef as well as a full ingredient list and cooking instructions.  There may even be a few exclusive offers in there as well.

With new shows being added every week, this unique partnership is exactly why Parson's Nose is London's No.1 butcher.


Tony and Serena