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Chris Bayliss

In this episode we learn about what it takes to run a craft beer company. From humble beginnings to ground-breaking ideas, this will keep you up to date with the new paths being made in the beer making world.

Video Description

Today we find ourselves in South Wales with the CEO of Brew London, Chris Bayliss. Chris takes a trip to the innovative Tiny Rebel headquarters. Here we meet the owners, Gazz and Brad, the founders of this head turning craft beer company who are doing things their way and standing out because of it.

We learn where it all began - from a small garage all the way up to now, and the level of production they are at. From there, Chris is taken through the brewing warehouse and shown how their fine beer is made and produced.

After a fun-filled and informative journey through the company, Chris finally gets to sit down and sample some of the craft beers themselves, which are perfectly matched to some delights from the kitchen they have on site. By the end of this series, you’ll be up to speed with everything craft beer and more!

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