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About Din:

Din Jusufi joined the Farzi Café as Beverage Manager in October 2018. He kick-started his career back in 2003 as Bar Back at the award-winning Bank Restaurant and Zander Bar, one of the busiest restaurants in the City of London. 

During his time at Bank, he acquired his craft and developed his particular love for cocktails and the art of mixology. By the time he left Bank in 2008, Din had worked his way up to Bar Manager and had garnered a wealth of skills and experience that has sent him off on his journey of success.

Din then went on to manage and consult at an extremely impressive list of institutions. 

These include the acclaimed Barbacoa, Helix Bar, The Fish Plac, Sushi Samba, The Marylebone Hotel, and more impressive London names.

Din has also won a number of competitions including, ‘Company’s Bartender of the Year’ in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

While being with Farzi, he hopes to achieve as equal, if not greater success at running the bars, by bringing his passion and expertise to the company.

About Engji:

In 2014, an idea of just a gap year working somewhere, turned into an experience of a lifetime. Introduced by din to the hospitality industry as a barback, Engji curiously and passionately ventured into the craft of becoming a liquid chef.

Here at Farzi Cafe, those ventures are facilitated by the luxury of their laboratory and equipment.

Engji works closely with Din to cultivate a style of cocktail making that is all about extracting flavours in particular ways and combining them in a manner that offers a balanced, easy drinking and elegant drink, which is almost too easy to reorder.

Video Description

This isn’t a cocktail you’ll find anywhere else, so make sure you pay close attention to this episode of Din and Engji’s cocktail making masterclass.

This cocktail is called the Dhanus Journey and forms part of Farzi Cafe’s specialist cocktail menu.

 Don’t underestimate the pale colour of this cocktail, there are flavours to surprise you with every sip.

Learn how to mix the Dhanus Journey now. 

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