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As the beginning of the year rolls back around again. New Year’s resolutions and healthy food fads begin making their way back into the media. Whether it’s the latest diet or quick ‘healthy’ recipes being shared on Instagram or TikTok, there is always something new making its way onto your screens.

Half of these aren’t healthy at all, and on top of that, they’re not delicious either and are ridiculous to obtain. Pushing the illusions of health and well-being onto consumers so they quickly buy into the latest trend or make a video, picture, or blog go viral until the next new and exciting thing to try comes along.

There must be some with gravity. That’s what we’ve been looking.

We’ve been scouring the internet for the latest healthy food fads, and we’ve put together a list of the ones we think are worth trying.

Gut health

No doubt you’ve seen ads or promos for ‘gut health’ drinks popping up on your timeline feed. Foods rich in polyphenols, grains, nuts, seeds, and vitamins are set to become even more popular this year.

Meaning more high-quality meats and produce are more likely to help you reach these goals; even with the cost of living crisis, there are ways you can eat well for less.

Less a fad, and more food awareness, so definitely worthwhile adopting or giving a go in your diet.


With more people looking to cook at home but still wanting the enjoyment of takeaway dinners, fakeaways are going to see a rise in interest.

Heathier, meeting more dietary requirements and cheaper fakeaways are a great way of heating better to a budget. From pizzas, fish and chips, to Chinese, Indian and kebabs, the options are endless, and there is a huge selection of recipes online to help inspire you.

Local foods, with less waste

This is something that shows no sign of decreasing in popularity; first seeing an increase during the pandemic, local shopping has remained popular with consumers as they shop around for the best deals when working to a budget due to the cost of living crisis.

With an emphasis on local, ethically produced products with minimum waste, this is something we could all do to get behind, reducing our carbon footprint, eating well and saving money.


First, finding popularity in Asia, particularly in Japanese cooking, packed full of flavour, seaweed has begun to become popular in western cooking, commonly being used in dashi - a seaweed stock – to create beautiful sauces, soups, and dressings.

Perfect to enhance vegetarian and vegan recipes, seaweed is a nutrient-rich superfood meaning this is a healthy food fad that might just be worth giving a go.

Is anything piquing your interest? While food fads, particularly healthy ones, are often a fad until the next one comes along, we’ve looked at the ones that we think should stick around, are easy to try and might just be worth it.

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