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From Beder's Kitchen

Beder UK is a charity that aims to softly raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

Their initiative From Beder’s Kitchen is a cookbook that aims to shed light on these issues specifically within the hospitality industry, as well as encouraging a dialogue around these difficult but essential topics. 

Video Description

In this series we hear from some of the chefs who contributed to the recently released cookbook From Beder’s Kitchen, a new initiative from mental health and suicide prevention charity, Beder UK. These chefs get together to cook and speak about why they got involved with the project and to have some very open and honest conversations around their own mental health and the importance of acknowledging this within the hospitality industry.

In this episode Danilo Cortellini, head chef at the Italian Embassy in London, speaks to Francesco Mattana, Italian chef and senior teaching chef at the Jamie Oliver Cooking School in London. They get together over some pasta to chat about Beder UK and what advice they’d give to others for looking after their mental health.

We also take a look inside the bakeries of Lily Vanilli and Butter Believe It, with respective founders Lily Jones and Haya Kalifeh who have a conversation around the meditative qualities of baking and the act of baking for others.

About Danilo and Francesco:

Danilo Cortellini is the head chef at the Italian Embassy in London. He has worked there since 2012, before which he trained at Michelin-star level in Italy and in London.

Francesco is an Italian chef from Sardinia. He has over seven years experience as a chef, and is currently teaching at Jamie Oliver's new cookery school in North London after working for some of the top cookery schools in the city.

About Lily and Haya:

Haya Kalifeh is Co-Founder and Executive Chef at Butter Believe It bakery. Having always been passionate about baking, Haya honed her skills by training at Le Cordon Bleu in London before starting her own venture.

Lily Jones is the founder of London based bakery, Lily Vanilli. She is known for her pioneering cake designs, quality baking and market leading innovation. She is also the author of three best selling recipe books, including Sweet Tooth and A Zombie at my Cupcake and #Bake for Syria. 

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