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Any passionate BBQ fan has most likely already heard of Marcus Bawdon. But if you haven’t, then welcome to your greatest discovery of 2020. Hailing from Devon and founder of a BBQ channel and magazine and author of a recipe book, it’s quite clear that Marcus’s passion is barbecuing and cooking outdoors. But, lucky for us, he’s just as passionate about helping others to improve their BBQ skills and make delicious food.

CountryWoodSmoke is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to outdoor cooking and BBQing meat to perfection. This site is a treasure trove of recipes to make outdoors and tips for how to BBQ better. Marcus is also the founder and editor of UK BBQ Mag, and author of Food and Fire. Food and Fire has over 60 recipes for you to recreate over a fire at home. Using all forms of cooking outdoors from searing on the coals, using wood-fired ovens and grilling this book has everything you need to know about this age-old form of cooking.

Marcus shows that the options with BBQ and cooking outdoors are practically endless as there are countless ways to experiment with flavour and methods to give you amazing taste. These recipes and methods really encourage you to make the most out of your ingredients, and Marcus places special emphasis on the amazing quality of produce available in the UK.

It should be noted too that Marcus was a vegetarian for 14 years! So, if converting himself from vegetarian to BBQ master isn’t an indication of his skills over the coals, then we’re not sure what is.

Marcus’s knowledge ranges from how to light your fire, to what equipment is best for a BBQ to international recipes and more. Make sure to watch his 5 top tips on how to BBQ better before delving into all that CountryWoodSmoke offers to help you with your BBQ and outdoor cooking.

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