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For the past 8 months, we have been working on a very special project, reigning in all of our chef friends and nutritionists to help with the development of our NEW range of premium ready meals.

Now "ready meals" does not sound that great, but they are what they say on the tin... meals that are ready. They just need to be warmed up in the oven.

The only difference is that we are using our finest meat and vegetables to create, what we feel, are the very best home made ready meals you will ever taste.

We embarked on this tricky development journey, because we have always wanted to make meals for our children.

Even though we owned a butchers shop, we never really had enough food in the fridge to make a varied and balanced meal for them... we always resorted to fish fingers!

We are definitely not ready meal people, but like so many, we lead busy lives and every so often we would like to cheat, but without the guilt so it was important to us to develop a home cooked option.

We tried them out on all of our friends and family and they loved them as much as the children. In fact at times, the children missed out completely.

As a starting point, our range includes 4 meat options and 1 vegetarian meal and we absolutely promise that you will be hooked after the first one.

The meals are 500g each and serve 2 people. We have specifically gone for massive flavour with low salt and sugar content and no hidden nasty surprises.

All of the meals are hand made by our chefs and only use the prime cuts that you buy in our stores.

They are perfect for adults and children alike, and although the Lamb does have a little spice, it is very low.

Here is the selection:

  • Catalan Beef Short Rib & Chorizo Stew with butterbeans and roast peppers
  • Mac & Cauliflower cheese with sourdough crumbs
  • Lamb & Butternut squash tagine with chickpeas, olives, apricots & almonds
  • Cottage pie with beef chuck & short rib mince with mashed potato and cheddar
  • Chicken tikka makhani with charred chicken thigh, spiced tomato butter sauce & red onions

We desperately want you to try them because we know that you will love them.

I know we have said it before, but you are what you eat and knowing the provenance of our meat, we know this is quality, ethical and from sustainable British farming.

Please Note, the meals are completely fresh and they do not contain anything that will make them last for weeks and weeks.

As a consequence, there is a 5 day shelf life. They can be frozen if you want to save them for later date.

We are passionate about food and even more passionate about good food. We think these meals hit the mark and we hope you do to.

Please do give them a try and let us know what you think. If you don't like them, we will refund you the money and that is how confident we are.  From online meat subscriptions to charcuterie, the finest cuts of lamb and more, order online today.

Available Online HERE.