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Chef Cat Sheppard you will learn how to poach an egg. With these step by step instructions you will learn to perfect the art of poaching and put together a 5 star breakfast.


  • 1 or 2 eggs per person

  • 1 tbsp salt

  • Large shallow-sided pan filled with water

  • Kitchen paper

  • Slotted spoon or potato masher


  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil, and heavily salt it. Wait for the salt to dissolve, then turn the heat down until you have a very gentle simmer (with hardly any small bubbles).

  2. When your water has reached the right temperature, you have two options for getting the egg in. You want to ease it into the water without creating any splash, as this will break up the albumen. If you have asbestos fingers, then break the egg over the water with it touching the surface. However, if you don’t wish to burn your fingers, it is probably better to tip the egg into a small mug or cup, then slip the egg into the water from the cup, holding onto the handle.

  3. You can cook as many eggs at a time that there is room in the pan for, but make sure they each have space in between and do it in a clock-wise fashion, so you know which ones need removing first.

  4. While they are cooking try not to fiddle with them or move them about as this will break up the eggs. When they look ready, gently lift one with a slotted spoon or a flat potato masher works well. If the white holds together you can lift it out to see by touching it whether it is ready. The whites should be a solid colour and no longer translucent. If it starts to come away from the yolk it is not ready yet.

  5. When you are satisfied the white is cooked and the yolk is still runny, lift each egg carefully out and place on a doubled over piece of kitchen paper. This will drain any excess water. Carefully dab the top of the egg with the kitchen paper as well. Season some more and serve!

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