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Ash Heeger

Chef Ash Heeger was born in South Africa, raised in Cape Town and was inspired by the world at large. After completing her studies at the award-winning Silwood School of Cookery, Ash moved onto exciting places with exceptional people. 

She trained under the acclaimed Chef Luke Dale Roberts at La Colombe and then at The Test Kitchen. Hungry for international influence, she spent time abroad in Michelin 2 star kitchens.

At what would seem to be the peak of her career in the metropolitan capital, London, Ash felt the urge to return to her roots in South Africa. Inspired, Ash brought elite experience, passion and something unique to the Cape Town- her very own ASH Restaurant, Riverine Rabbit with sister Mandy van der Berg in 2018. 

Video Description

This family run business, Riverine Rabbit in Cape Town, South Africa, focuses on all things local, sustainable and ethical. In this original series, Head Chef Ash Heeger shows you how to make some of the restaurant's top dishes from start to finish.

Talented South African Chef Ash Heeger from Riverine Rabbit shows us how to make honey cured beef, complete with the toppings and garnish. 


Cured Egg Yolks: 4 egg yolks

50g fine salt

50g caster sugar

Honey Cured Beef: 
30ml grape seed oil

300g free range beef thick flank

5g black pepper, crushed

5g maldon salt

50g raw honey

10g smoked paprika

5g coriander seeds, crushed

10g garlic flakes, crushed

XO Sauce: 
5g ginger, diced

5g garlic, diced

50g brown onion, diced

5g red chilli, diced

30ml grape seed oil

5g white miso paste

5g treacle sugar

10ml dark soy sauce

5ml Worcester sauce

5g white sesame seeds, toasted

5g black sesame seeds, toasted

30g walnuts, toasted and crushed

Egg Yolk Sauce:
 4 egg yolks

100ml dark soy sauce

10g Dijon mustard

50ml grape seed oil


For the cured egg yolks, cover the bottom side of a slide tray with half the salt and sugar mix. 

Add the egg yolk to the tray and cover with the other half of the mix. 

Place the yolks in the fridge for 24 hours to cure. 

After 24 hours, remove yolks from the cure, rinse under a running tap and pat dry with paper towel. 

Place the cured yolks in a cool oven (around 70 degrees Celsius) for about four hours, or until 
completely dried. 

Set aside in a sealed container to be used later on.

For the honey cured beef, heat the grape seed oil up to smoking point in a cast iron or non stick frying pan. 

Add the beef thick flank to hot oil as is and brown all sides evenly. 

Remove beef from pan and immediately cover with honey, followed by the rest of the beef 

Cover with cling film or place in a sealed container and leave to cure for a minimum of 8 hours in 
the fridge.

To make the XO Sauce, brown ginger, garlic, onion and chilli along with grape seed oil over a low to medium heat. 

Once softened, add the remainder of the ingredients above and simmer for about one minutes 
before taking off the heat and leaving to cool. 

Keep in a sealed container at room temperature until needed.

To make the egg yolk sauce, cure the egg yolks in soy sauce for a minimum of 8 hours until slightly translucent. 

Our off excess soy sauce and add the remainder of the ingredients listed above. 

Whisk vigorously until well combined and set aside in the fridge until needed.

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