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James Whetlor

After working as a chef for 10 years in London at some of the City’s top restaurants, James moved back to his hometown in Devon and started working at the River Cottage.

During this period, he bought four goats to help turn an area of scrubland into useable pasture. This is where the idea for Cabrito began, out of a desire to help reduce the wastage in the UK dairy industry.

Now Cabrito supplies top restaurants and butchers with high quality goat meat, making James one of the leading authorities on goat meat. He currently lives in Devon with his family and is also the author of Goat: Cooking and Eating.

Video Description

In this series, the founder of Cabrito, James Whetlor, explains how he came to be the ‘Goat Man’. Starting out as a chef with a love for cooking, it was his passion for creating a more sustainable meat supply chain that led to the creation of his goat meat business.

In this final episode of The Journey of Cabrito Goat Meat, James prepares a big farm lunch for everyone. The goat tacos, a slow roasted goat shoulder, goat kebabs and smoked aubergine are a big hit!

After taking a trip to Parson’s Nose, a London butchers who stock Cabrito’s goat meat, we learn more about Billy Tannery and Cabrito’s constant efforts to make their processes more sustainable.  

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