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Turkey is the beloved, traditional Christmas bird. For some, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a turkey gracing the centre of the table. However, this year’s festive celebrations are going to be like no other, just like it has been a year like no other.

With significantly smaller Christmas parties on the agenda, with a potential for smaller family gatherings, butchers are concerned that there will be a decline in demand for larger turkeys and high competition for the smaller birds. Buying a bigger turkey for Christmas this year shouldn’t be ruled out.

We spoke to our turkey suppliers Walters Turkeys about why people should still buy big turkeys this Christmas.

1. Lots of leftovers 

Leftover turkey provides a great opportunity for creating wonderful meals for boxing day and beyond. With fewer guests this year you may be left with lots of leftovers, but this doesn’t mean the turkey meat has to go to waste. There are plenty of ways to make use of the meat during the holidays, including cutting the turkey into other cuts, freezing and making stock. Why not make turkey fajitas or a turkey curry and share it with elderly neighbours or friends?

2. The Christmas centrepiece 

Your turkey still needs to be the centrepiece of your Christmas table. Christmas isn’t Christmas without your turkey centrepiece! You can still serve up a beautiful big bird for your family and just use the leftovers for meals later in the week. Which makes the effort on Christmas day both cost effective and time saving for the rest of the festive period.

3. Support UK agriculture and your local farmers and butchers 

Everything has been a little topsy turvy this year and things have been especially hard for small businesses, including local butchers. Communities have banded together to support their local shops and restaurants. With Christmas being one of the key events for local farmers and butchers, these businesses still need your help and support more than ever to survive these challenging times.

4. Turkey is packed with nutrition and protein

The more turkey you can eat the better as its highly nutritious and packed full of protein. Turkey is highly nutritious and a very rich source of protein. It’s loaded with B vitamins and many other essential minerals needed for many different bodily processes. Protein is important for muscle growth and maintenance. It gives structure to cells and helps transport nutrients around your body, which makes it perfect for kids and adults alike!

5. Everybody loves turkey – you certainly don’t want to run out

Buying a small turkey might seem like a good idea, but you want to make sure everyone still has enough to eat! Going big means that there will be plenty to go around on the day, and lots of leftovers too. Making you very popular with your friends and family.

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