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Know somebody who considers themselves a pro at carving up the turkey on Christmas Day? Then give them a real challenge this Christmas- carving up a lamb or pig at Parson's Nose. Our butchery classes are an undeniably special and sui generis gift and experience 'rolled' into one. A guaranteed laugh, our classes also provide you with practical and transferable skills for in the kitchen (...or for the apocalypse, you decide).

We have a variety of different classes available, from A Sausage Making Masterclass to Breaking Down Half a Lamb or Pig (the most hands on of our classes and only for the brave). Our Sausage Making Masterclass involves you picking your favourite type of sausage (Cumberland, anyone?) and then making them by hand with our butchers from start to finish, before finally linking and wrapping them up, ready for the pan. 

Fancy being a bit of a jack of all trades? Then our Combination of Skills class is for you, where you can work on some classic joints and cuts from different types of meat, learning a number of practical butchery skills as you go- from rolling to jointing. Our experienced and friendly butchers will be there to guide you through this ancient art, that is slowly and sadly becoming more and more lost, as our food becomes more processed and commercial than ever.  Our classes take place at the butchers block in all of our shops, with free range produce, making this class as authentic and organic as it can get. 

Oh, and more importantly... you get to keep all of the meat you butcher, ready for your now next level gourmet meals and the festive season ahead. 

All you have to do to arrange your private lesson is fill in the form here

Fancy learning something not listed above? Let us know! We are more than happy to make arrangements for bespoke classes.