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Farm to Fork is Parson’s Nose outreach programme in partnership with NTEC, BANT, Leith’s and Planet Eat TV. With 250 million children worldwide forecast to be obese by 2030, Farm to Fork is Parson’s Nose combative response. With the goal of promoting healthy eating and nutrition across the country, Farm to Fork has been conducting workshops at multiple of London schools, with just fewer than 2,800 children given 6 free-range eggs each, as well observing and participating in a scrambled eggs demonstration by top chefs and receiving their own recipe (so when they venture off to University in a decade at least they’ll know more about cooking than pot noodles). I know, I’m jealous too.

Farm to Fork isn’t just about tackling poor nutrition and promoting healthy eating however, another fundamental core of our programme (and Parson’s Nose as a whole) is the promotion and support of sustainable farming practices. Unsustainable farming practices are hurtling us further and further in to climate change, and more than ever do we need to support our local, responsible butchers- and please, excuse the obnoxious self promotion- such as Parson’s Nose.

With these ambitious goals in mind, we’ve had to recruit some serious help, and we’ve brought in the big guns, with TV presenter Simon Davies (CBeeBies, Sky and BBC) and nutritionist Sarah Green (Director of the British Association of Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine). Whilst Simon skilfully presents our workshop to the kiddies, Sarah (a bastion of nutritional knowledge) provides the cold, hard facts- and of course, we have a professional chef in to do the scrambling, as perfectly scrambling eggs is an art few have mastered.

These workshops have been very well received so far, and the support so far has been nothing short of exceptional and encouraging. Despite only starting earlier this year, our success has already eclipsed expectations, having not only provided thousands of free-range eggs to hundreds of families for free, but also by passing on essential life skills and knowledge to younger generations, whose very diet will be political in a world irrevocably changed by climate change and irresponsible agriculture. Phew. Who knew scrambling some eggs could be so deep?

Alongside the eggs and recipes we send the children off with a wonderful little goody bag, we also include a special invitation for the parents. We are currently hosting demonstration evenings at Planet Eat TV studios in Wandsworth, where for free and for one season only, parents can enjoy a butchery demonstration, a cooking and nutrition demonstration and a food and wine pairing and tasting menu. These evenings are our Farm to Fork grown-up alternative, though unfortunately, no goody bags for the adults.

It is with programmes like Farm to Fork where we can start to make positive changes to our local communities for generations to come, and after succeeding in that? The rest of Great Britain will follow.

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