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Karunesh Khanna

Karunesh Khanna is the current executive chef at the world famous Tamarind restaurant in London, the granddaddy of Indian dining establishments in the UK.

No stranger to the world of Michelin star, Karunesh himself received his first star for his restaurant Amaya, which he opened after moving to England in 2004.

Now at Tamarind, Karunesh’s innovative, simple and elegant recipes are renowned as light and delicate taking the restaurant to the next level of cuisine.

Karunesh (@chef.karunesh) has teamed up with Parson’s Nose to bring you some of his best recipes right into your kitchen.

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Beef Strip Loin Cleaned kg 2

1st Marination

Vegetable oil ml 200

Kashmiri Chilli powder gm 60

Malt vinegar ml 120

Salt gm 15

Ginger gm 60

Garlic gm 60

cumin powder gm 15

Garam Masala gm 25

Coriander Powder gm 30

Raw Papaya paste gm 80

2nd Marination

Yogurt natural set ( drained) gm 350

Double cream ml 100-120

Cumin powder gm 10

Garam Masala gm 25

Coriander Powder gm 25

Kasaundi gm 150

Sugar gm 20

Chop Coriander bunch half


Cut cleaned strip loin into cubes of 2x2 inch cube and keep aside

In a mixing bowl mix oil and red chilli. Leave it for few minutes for chilli to leave colour.

Make the paste of ginger and garlic and add to the oil.

mix all other ingredients form first Marination to the chilli oil.

Add the cleaned beef dices and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

In a strainer take the natural set yoghurt and leave for few hours and let the water drain out of it

Except for double cream mix all ingredients from 2nd Marination into the drained yogurt.

Remove the marinated beef from the refrigerator and with both the hands lift the marinated beef allowing the excess of Marination to fall down. Mix it with yogurt marinade. Leave it for 2-3 hours. Add double cream little by little and keep mixing. The cream helps to give a smooth texture. The marinade should be well coated over the meat.

Preheat the oven at 220 C Place the marinated meat on a oven rack and cook for about 12- 15 for medium done. Alternatively you can put the diced meat on skewers and barbeque.