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Koray Firat

From a casual food blogger to a professional food photographer, Koray started documenting his dining experiences on social media and in a short space of time, he found himself turning his passion into a career. 

Video Description

This masterclass on Social Food Photography explores everything you need to know to take amazing photographs of food, with a social media audience in mind. There's no better way to learn than being taught by an expert in the comfort of your own home in 6 easy to follow episodes.

In this episode of Social Food Photography, blogger turned professional photographer, Koray Firat, will discuss the different styles of food photography.

There are endless ways to unleash your creativity when taking photographs, it is all about finding your own style and what works for your social channel.

Allow Koray to guide you in learning how to create moody, bright or minimalistic styles with these tips on cultivating creativity in your photography. 

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