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Tony Hindhaugh has been involved with food and drink for nearly 30 years, wearing various hats from gastro pub operator, private chef in the South of France, backstage VIP caterer at music festivals to producing his own wine in Cape Town.

He and his wife Serena now run Parson’s Nose and Tony is also a TV Food Director at Planet Eat TV.

Christmas is always a big feasting time, without fail, and every year, Coronation Turkey is made from leftovers. It is a sure-fire winner and this recipe goes back to the days of creating dishes backstage for the stars.

As well as turkey, here at Parson's Nose we provide an incredible selection of meats for delivery in London for you to enjoy at home. Quality pork sausages, veal meat, lamb, pasta and more.


Leftover turkey (breast or leg)

3 spring onions

50ml of honey

2 tbsp mild curry powder

1 tbsp cumin

½ tbsp turmeric

150ml of coconut milk

Mayo (to your taste)

Handful of chopped almonds

1 tbsp tomato puree

75g of sultanas

Handful of fresh coriander

Mixed leaf salad to serve




1. Mix mayo, coconut milk, curry powder, cumin, turmeric, honey and tomato puree together

2. Coarsely chop the spring onion and add in to the mayo mix with the chopped almonds and sultanas

3. Tear the turkey into bite size pieces and combine with the mayo mix

4. Sprinkle coriander on top and serve with a mixed leaf salad

5. Season to taste