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There are a wide variety of cheap cuts of meat in the UK that can help you cook delicious dinners on a budget. In this case, the slow cooker is your best friend. With various inspirations online, there are ample ways you can use cheap cuts of meat to make delicious dinners.

Cheap cuts of meat for slow cooker

It’s always a win when you can make delicious dinners within your budget. As more people are looking to watch where their money goes, we’ve listed some of the cheap cuts of meat for your slow cooker. Helping you save but eat well.


Depending on the cut you choose, beef can push the limits of your budget. With fillet steaks being at the high end of the spectrum, we’ve listed some of the cheaper cuts that you can still use to make delicious meals on a budget.

  • Brisket: Often used in America, beef brisket is slowly becoming more popular over here. Ideal for BBQ, roasting, and slow cooking, brisket holds great flavour, with a tender bite.
  • Skirt: Long, flat and known for its flavour, beef skirt steak can be tough, but tender. Ideal in stir-fries, tacos, or fajitas, it’s best to pan-sear or grill to preserve its tenderness.
  • Shin: Ideal for soups and stews, beef shin is a flavourful cut of meat. Slow cooking this only brings out its flavour and gives you moist yet tender meat. Perfect for winter warmers or seasonal casseroles on a budget.


Cuts like fillets and chops can be expensive; rather than reserve them as a rare treat, seeking out low-cost cuts will mean you can enjoy them more often.

Some more reasonably priced cuts include:

  • ShoulderA cheaper alternative to leg, lamb shoulder is perfect for roasting or cutting up and chucking in a hearty stew. A popular cut used in roasting for carveries, a slow-roasted lamb shoulder can easily become a favourite when it comes to using cheaper, alternative meats.
    • Perfect alongside root veg and gravy, the flavours of this cut are mouth-watering.
  • Breast: A fatty, but delicious cut, if prepared and cooked properly. A slow roast or cook is best when it comes to lamb breast, helping to render away from the fat and give you a more impactful flavour and tender meat.
    • This is a great cut for stews, casseroles or in soups.


Typically, cheaper meat anyway, pork offers a wide variety of cuts and flavours to create a variety of budget-friendly meals.

We’ve listed some of the cheapest cuts of pork you can use to make a delicious dinner on a budget.

  • RibsCommonly sold as three separate variations, back ribs, spare ribs, and country-style ribs, pork ribs offer something different to the dinner table.
    • Barbequed, or slowly roasted for a tender bite, you can season these with a variety of flavours, rubs and sauces, allowing you to enjoy them time and time again.
  • Cheek: Full of a rich, nutty, and intense flavour, these are paired well with root veggies, stock, and rich wine to enhance their flavour.
    • Try braised pork cheeks or in a stew to get the most out of this cut.
  • Belly: Succulent and rich in flavour, pork belly can be used in a variety of dishes, particularly in Asian and Mexican cooking.
    • It is most tender when slow-cooked or braised, or roasted for a thin, crunchy layer of crackling.