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For help with Local or Nationwide Delivery and Click and Collect orders please email or call 07393 742 704

Impress your friends with our:

Rolled Sirloin

Baby Back Ribs

It’s official- we deliver! Super busy at work and don’t have time to buy all the ingredients for your swanky soiree? No problem! Have a date you want to blow away with your spectacular cooking skills and fiery loins? Easy! Our Rolled Loin is available online for just £20. Planning a BBQ for all your mates? Well we’ve got your back (and some delicious Baby Back Ribs whilst we are at it).

With Parson’s Nose, you can order everything you need to make a gourmet standard meal, and even have it delivered the same day- that is if you order before 12 (noon). If you order after that, then you’ll receive next day delivery. Not going to be in the next day? No problem, you can choose a later date convenient to you and we’ll deliver to your door (excluding weekends).

It’s your choice- and we have a lot of choice to choose from on our website, which you can now enjoy from the comfort of your living room. Score. And do you want to know what’s truly magical about this same day delivery of gourmet goodies? One of our very own butchers will deliver it, like some sort of meaty Santa. No need to worry about certain delivery companies leaving it on your porch, or your delicious package attracting pests- and no, I’m not talking about your neighbors- our butchers will provide the utmost delivery service.

Unfortunately for those of us who don't live in London, we currently only deliver locally- for now... Keep your eyes peeled. 

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