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Much like the traditional British Sunday roast, all year round we look forward to our Christmas dinner. However, with Christmas celebrations running the risk of being smaller than we are all traditionally used to this year, we consider the best alternative meats to use as the show-stopping centrepiece of your Christmas dinner. 

Here are some top alternatives meats to turkey for your Christmas dinner:


Historically the more traditional option, according to the history books, goose has slipped in popularity over the years compared to the turkey, however, this year could help see it raise again.

A rich and juicy meat with a golden and crispy skin, this delicious alternative is sure to satisfy those at your smaller Christmas gatherings this year. Served alongside flavoursome root vegetables and crispy roast potatoes, the goose could become an annual favourite. 


If you are looking to be more experimental this holiday season duck meat may be the option for you. Its unique taste and hearty, tender texture, brings some sophistication to the table.

Its versatile, rich flavour allows you to try a range of seasonings and spices to bring a variation of tastes to your plate. Perfectly paired with roast vegetables and a fragrant gravy, this is sure to be a long-term favourite, allowing you use it year-round.


If you’re more than happy to keep it simple, a chicken is always a great alternative to a turkey. Serving sizes are smaller and you can still create a dinner close to the traditional Christmas lunch, just on a smaller scale.

Our large free-range roasting chickens can feed up to 6 people, which is a perfect alternative to feed a larger family at Christmas, and even better, they’re available all year round which makes them easier to get.

Rib of Beef

With a solid reputation of the nation’s favourite meat to have with a Sunday roast, there is no reason why a succulent cut of beef shouldn’t make it as part of your Christmas dinner.

If you’re looking to move away from the traditional this year, then beef offers a flavoursome alternative. Rib of beef is the perfect roasting joint, effectively giving you Rib Eye on the bone.

Packed with flavour, rib of beef allows you to bring a variety of dinners to the table, even offering dishes such as Cote De Boeuf, for a more sophisticated take.


More likely to see a spot at the table for a boxing day lunch, gammon is the perfect additional meat to have at your celebrations during the Christmas season.

Unsmoked or smoked Gammon  goes with a large variety of vegetables and types of potatoes meaning it can be paired with the majority of the traditional Christmas dinner components. The versatility of this joint means it can be cooked in the oven or even a slow cooker, making room and allowing for more space for the rest of your dinner, providing a less stressful cooking environment.

Honey Roast Ham

Much like the gammon, honey roast ham is more likely to be one of those options at a Christmas dinner party or boxing day lunch. However, with gatherings expected to be smaller this year, honey roast ham is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for a more experimental and lighter approach.

Our free-range honey roast ham is the perfect addition to your Christmas feast.

While you’re at it why not browse through the Parson’s Nose Christmas section, where we have all the components needed to create the best Christmas dinner. From the butcher’s bacon and sausages to create the ultimate pigs in blankets, to the goose fat needed to cook the most perfect crispy roast potatoes, you can see what the butchers have to offer here.

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