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Christmas, despite the hype, always seems to sneak up on us and take us by surprise. Especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. As the year draws to a close there are always so many distractions and things needing our attention that Christmas presents quickly get put on the back burner. This, together with a number of other reasons, makes Christmas gifting a tricky undertaking.

Another reason Christmas gifts get left to the last minute, is that they’re so hard to find. Everybody wants to find the perfect, thoughtful gift that shows your loved ones just how much you appreciate them. Or, there’s the worry about whether whoever you’re buying for already has what you’ve thought to get them. It so often happens these days that everyone has everything. Christmas gifting also brings with it the issue of waste, buying things we don’t need (or want) just because we need to give something.

So, this year we’ve put together some ideas to help you get ahead with all your Christmas gifting.

Why should you gift Parson’s Nose for Christmas?

Gifting a delicious and high-quality cut of meat means that your gift doesn’t stop there. You’re also gifting an experience and an opportunity. You’re gifting the experience of creating a delicious meal from scratch, of taking the time to relax and switch off in the kitchen. You’re gifting the experience of sitting down to a delicious meal, where you know exactly where your meat comes from and you can taste the quality.

You’re also gifting the opportunity to get together with loved ones and enjoy a meal together (within the rule of six of course). Allow your gift recipient to enjoy treating themselves, as well as others to a top-quality meal with top-quality meat. It’s an opportunity to make memories that last much longer than the gift itself. And that’s what makes a truly special Christmas gift.

A Parson’s Nose gift also solves your problem of whether they will like your gift or not! All you need to know is whether they eat meat (no veggies here), and there’s no doubt getting a Parson’s Nose delivery will bring a smile to their face. Finally, nothing from Parson’s Nose ever goes to waste and gifting delicious food that is sure to go to good use is far better than wasteful gifts that create clutter and do nothing for the environment.

Keep it simple and keep it memorable with Parson’s Nose.

What can you gift from Parson’s Nose for Christmas?

Anything is the obvious answer. However, we know this might not be the most helpful one. So, we’re giving you some recommendations from the experts (our butchers!) as to just what will be the biggest hit this Christmas.

See below for our Top 10 Parson’s Nose Gifts for Christmas to help you make your decision:

1. Gift Card

If you don’t know what to gift this Christmas, our E-gift card is the perfect solution. Allow your loved ones to browse our online collections of poultry, meat and condiments and more for home delivery with our gift cards. You can choose from gift card amounts of £10, £20, £50, £100.

2. Subscription

Recently released are our Parson’s Nose subscriptions. You can now buy your favourite Parson’s Nose staples as regular deliveries at an interval of your choice. Choose from bacon, sausages, chicken thighs, English mustard and even charcoal. A gift that keeps gifting, a Parson’s Nose subscription allows your giftee to keep enjoying your generosity.

3. Christmas meat

Unable to make it to a friend or family member’s for Christmas this year? That doesn’t mean you can’t treat them to something special! You can still make sure they have a dinner to remember by having a box of our free-range, high-quality cuts of gammon and whole turkeys delivered straight to their door.

4. Collection of Condiments

Our Parson’s Nose condiments range from the best quality mustards, cranberry jellies, mint sauces and much more. These are the perfect accompaniment for the holiday season as an accompaniment for delicious family roasts and dinners. They also make excellent additions to cheese and charcuterie platters for entertaining.

5. Parson’s Nose Charcuterie

The perfect combination of cured meats can be found here with our Parson’s Nose Charcuterie collection. Pick and mix from our fantastic collection and create a fantastic treat for Christmas time as it makes your life, and your giftee’s life easier. Simply arrange on a board and serve as an entrée or evening snack. A simple and effective gift, order for home delivery today.

6. Butchery Class

Gift the experience of a Butchery Class with our professional butchers for Christmas this year. In our range of butchery classes your recipient will learn a variety of knife skills and how to break down a number of cuts. We can guarantee this will be a unique gift this Christmas.

7. Breakfast or Farm Fresh Vegetable Box

Everyone needs a breakfast pick me up every now and then throughout the festive holiday season, and what better cure than a Breakfast Box full of all the necessities for a classic English breakfast. Eggs, sausages, mushrooms, you name it and more all in one delivery.

Otherwise, if they’re not a breakfast person, our brand-new Farm Fresh Vegetable Boxes are packed full of seasonal and delicious vegetables from independent farmers. It’s Christmas gifting with a difference, but it’s a guaranteed win.

8. Ultimate Burger Kit

Our Ultimate Burger Kit’s have been a huge hit since conception. Not only are the burger patties fresh and delicious but the kits come with lots of tasty toppings. These kits are the perfect excuse to get your household together for a fun evening of burgers, making this a wonderful Christmas time gift that gives more than just a burger.

9. Cheese Collection

A great collection of cheese may seem like a simple gift, but it’s seldom that people buy really great quality cheeses for themselves and not just as a gift for others. So, help your friends or family enjoy our selection of top quality, artisanal cheeses by choosing a few favourites for them. Whether or not they will be entertaining for the holiday season (restrictions allowing), cheese is handy to have in the cupboard to have with a glass of wine on a chilly evening.

10. Chateaubriand, Carvery Rib of Beef or Cote de Boeuf

Finally, why not one or two or three of the majestic cuts above. These three cuts are a treat no matter what time of year it is and always go down a treat whether it’s for a household or a romantic dinner for two. Encourage your loved ones to take a break from thinking about turkey’s and surprise them with any of these amazing cuts arriving at their door in time for Christmas celebrations, which they may just not have thought to get themselves.

That’s the beauty of gifting from Parson’s Nose; you’re letting people know you’re thinking of them, whilst making sure they’re looking after themselves and taking time to really enjoy the holiday and rest after a crazy year.

We’re providing you with our same day delivery, 7 days a week right up until before Christmas to help ensure your loved ones get their presents on time. Treat yourself this festive period with meat from the best butchers in London. Whether you're looking for quality beef or something else, we've got you covered.

Plus, we’re offering special Christmas gift wrapping to give that extra festive feel.

Wishing you all a great run up to Christmas and a happy festive season.