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BBQ’s can be so much more than charcoal-coloured sausages and burnt burgers, so when firing up the grill this year, consider your options. Parson’s Nose award-winning butchers have put together our suggestions for the best BBQ meats to for the summer season, and how to make the best of them.  

The Best BBQ Meat for Beginners

If you’re looking to bring more variety to your BBQ, why not try these items which easy to cook up, giving you time to bring more to the table as your sills develop.

  •   Steak

Whether you favour sirloin, rump, Fillet steak or tomahawk, paired alongside flavoursome rub or seasoning, steak cooked on the BBQ is incredibly succulent and moreish. Much like cooking in the kitchen, you simply cook evenly (to your preferred way) on each side and serve.

Quick, simple, and delicious, this is the perfect meat to try if you’re looking to try something new.  

Most people find it a challenge to cook chicken on the BBQ, but in reality, it’s one of the simplest, and flavoursome, options you can find. Its diversity means a range of flavours and seasonings can be chosen, making it a true crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re after kebabs, thighs, or legs, these are a guaranteed win. Try cooking on the cooler ide of the grill, away from directly over the flame, this helps to reduce the temperature and minimize the risk or dry and burnt food. 

  • Lamb & Pork

There’s a reason why these are popular, they cook brilliantly on the BBQ. Cook them for a few minutes each side, and once you start to get a darker colour, you’re away.

Form lamb chops, burgers and kebabs and pork chops, belly or the classic sausage, these meats are versatile and by seasoning these with a flavour of your choosing, you’re opening doors to a huge variation at your next BBQ.  

BBQ Meats for Grilling Pros

If you’re looking to take your BBQing up to the next level, then these classics are bound to impress your guests

  • Ribs

Baby back ribs are a BBQ classic, popular with many, succulent BBQ ribs are big crowd pleaser.

Simply marinade and cook on the grill for a tender and delicious finish. It’s hard to go wrong.

  • Pork Shoulder may sound like a challenge in itself, but if you get the timing and heat correct, cooking a pork shoulder is simply a waiting game.

If carefully slow cooked on the BBQ the meat will become tender, pulling away tenderly and nicely to produce pulled pork fit for your friends and family. Not a typical British dish, this is bound to leave an impression and prove your skills.  

Complicated cooking for the BBQ connoisseurs 

While a big challenge the pay off is worth it, traditionally more American, the beef brisket is a hugely popular BBQ dish. However, it can take time and skill to perfect it (we've got a great beef brisket recipe if you need one.)

It can be difficult to find the right cook in order to fully experience the richness and tenderness of this cut.

We recommend putting this on a slow cook, if you can start cooking first thing so you give it hours to sit on the grill for full effect.

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