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A romantic, candle lit, meal for two is always a popular choice to indulge in with your partner on Valentine’s day.

If you’re looking to make an impression in the kitchen, moving away from classics such as steak and chips, or pasta, preparing something like a Beef Wellington brings a level of sophistication to the table, ensuring you’ll impress your loved ones this Valentine’s day.

Beef Wellington is a steak dish of British origin, what typically uses a fillet steak coated with pâté and duxelles, wrapped in a buttery puff pastry and baked in the oven.

This complex dish pairs well with a variety of flavours and textures, from vegetables to an array of prepared potatoes, guaranteed to impress your loved one.

To make your night that much more special, we’ve compiled a list of sides to include in your romantic dinner for two below. 

Mixed Vegetables 

Vegetables are a great option that goes with a variety of dishes, and are perfect side to accompany the flaky, buttery texture of the pastry and the succulent beef inside the Beef Wellington itself.

Take your dish to the next level of sophistication by slow roasting root vegetables like carrots and parsnips or prepare asparagus and other winter greens, to create more flavour and add to the overall presentation of your meal.

Here at Parson’s Nose we offer a farm- fresh vegetable box packed full of fresh British vegetables from a number of farmers we partner with, you can find out more. 

Creamy Mash or Seasoned Potatoes

Potatoes are an incredibly versatile food, often complimenting an array of dishes and recipes. Their adaptability allows you to prepare any type of potato that best pairs with your meal.

A deliciously smooth and creamy mash is a common favourite to serve alongside a beef wellington, in fact, this is the choice of many top chef, who chooses to serve this at their top Michelin- star restaurants.

However, if mash isn’t your thing, there are many other forms of potato you can whip up. Dauphinoise, roasted, hasselback and many more are guaranteed to compliment your beef wellington.

Red Wine Sauce  

A flavoursome red wine sauce is commonly recommended to pair alongside a Beef Wellington. Its rich flavour alongside the succulent fillet of beef helps to bring out the flavours of the dish and enhance your romantic meal.

We offer a rich red wine sauce alongside our exclusive Valentine’s day Beef Wellington; you can find out more here.


There are many drinks to consider, and while there are no exact rules when it comes to choosing a drink to have with your meal, here are some suggestions that we pair well with the flavours of the Beef Wellington.

Medium- bodied red wines are commonly suggested to be served alongside a Beef Wellington, particularly a Garnacha, Valpolicella Blend, Carménère or a Carignan, additionally a Pino Noir is a perfect suggestion for a lighter, simpler option.

Here at Parson’s Nose we have carefully perfected the Beef Wellington recipe over the years and this Valentine’s day, we’re offering a limited-edition romantic meal for two.

Our Chefs have spent time creating the Beef Wellington, inspired by the top London chefs to provide the ultimate show-stopping meal for your loved one. See our Valentine's Beef Wellington here.

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